Midwest Junior Rowing Championship

A USRowing Youth Nationals Qualifying Regatta

May 20- May 21, 2023

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Men's Varsity 8+Presented by the Linkugel and Bayer families in Honor of the 2022 seniors
Women's Varsity 8+ Presented by CBRE: The Yards, Eckert, Likes, Vollmer, Schenk & Staubach, Office Team
Men's Varsity 4+ Presented by the CJRC Men's Classes of 2005-2006
Women's Varsity 4+ Presented by the Women's Titanium 2012
Men's Varsity 4x Presented by Cincinnati Masters Rowing
Women's Varsity 4x Presented by the City of Newport, KY
Men's Varsity 2x In Honor of Tom Dryer and his 2x Partner Bob Miller
Women's Varsity 2x In Honor of Ben C. Record
Men's Varsity 1x Presented by Fountain Point Rowing
Women's Varsity 1x Presented by Kate by Rolfes Custom Design

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